L: a project

Today is my birthday.  One year from now, I’ll be 50.

Different people react in different ways to such milestones, and if there’s one thing on which people who know me universally agree, it’s that I’m different.  I’m probably not going to buy a convertible.  Instead, I’m going to write a novel.

I strongly believe that the success or failure of my effort depends on you, the reader, providing a small amount of help before I get underway.  The simplest and most direct form of help would be a short but compelling argument proving that this is a terrible idea that I should abandon immediately.  I am hoping for a different sort of help, however, but one that will require more thought on your part.

The strength of my writing, such as it is, is not in plot and character; it’s in exposition.  The stories I come up with on my own tend to be dry and uninteresting, but they are told in an entertaining manner.  Challenges given to me by other people (such as “write a story about a baby being fed, from the perspective of the spoon”) turn out to be more engaging than things that I come up with on my own.  They’re also a lot more fun for me to write, and, given my unusually high author-to-reader ratio, I think my own enjoyment should be given extra weight.

Please send me your thoughts.  They might be as simple as “name a character after me!” or as complex as “rewrite The Pirates of Penzance from the perspective of Sullivan’s deaf tailor.”  You can leave a comment here, or on facebook, or send me email (dan@ellard.org), or PM me on facebook or any one of a number of sites.

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