Carolina Panthers still optimistic about Super Bowl rings

Despite scoring fewer points than their opponents in Super Bowl 50 on February 7th, many of the Carolina Panther players and fans remain optimistic that their team will receive the Super Bowl rings that will be awarded on June 12th, in a ceremony in Denver.

“We know we didn’t outscore [the Denver Broncos] back in February, and most of the other statistics weren’t in our favor,” wrote an anonymous spokesman, “But we feel confident that the ring makers will ignore that and take into account that we are a better team now, and will be going forward into the coming season, particularly now that Peyton Manning has retired.  What happened back in February shouldn’t rule us out from winning in the end.”

Panthers fans, even more than the players themselves, are vehement that the Super Bowl rings should be awarded to the Panthers, rather than the more likely outcome, as reported universally by the corporate-owned mainstream media, that the rings will be awarded to the winners of the Super Bowl.  Their outrage was summed up by blogger #StillPanthers:

“The Broncos won on the field, on paper, and especially in the press, but we simply don’t trust them.  The Broncos were favored all along by the establishment.  There’s something really fishy about how Manning recovered at the end of the season — really fishy.  And some of those calls?  The only possible explanation is that the officials were rigging the game.  We will be vindicated in the end.  Our struggles continue.”

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