The Corrected Danny O’Bigbelly

Over the past several months, I’ve stitched together a number of my blog entries and other short pieces, along with a few new essays to fill some holes, and the result is a sort of book-like collection of essays. After removing most of the worst kinds of typos, stilted prose, and factual errors, and punching up some of the jokes, I’ve published it on Amazon:

The Corrected Danny O’Bigbelly

Note that this book is available as part of the loaning program, which means that if you are member of Amazon Prime, or your local library participates in this program (I think) then you can enjoy this book for no additional cost.

If you find my writing amusing, I think that you’ll find that this book is even more amusing.  If you do, I hope that you’ll consider writing a positive review and, much more importantly, sharing this information with your friends.  Word of mouth, or tweet, or status update, etc, are the only ways that anyone will learn about this book.

If you don’t like it, you can write a review to warn people not to buy the book, or at least describe why reading it might be a poor use of their time, and I can’t do anything about it except accept your critique.  Amazon takes customer reviews seriously, and so do I.

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